Pixar Alien Remix Branding

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Oooh, Branding!

For this out-of-this-world mash up, we leaned towards the origins of the Aliens in Toy Story 1. Playing up the Pizza Planet arcade, we created a separate segment with existing nostalgic equity that resonates with Pixar fans of all kinds.

San Diego Comic-Con

For the first-ever online SDCC, we encased a Pizza Planet driver in a delivery truck and 3 layers of pizza box. The truck not only comes from TS1, but also appears in multiple Pixar movies as an easter egg – threading the mash-up toys together with one unifying element.

Details not to be missed: A molded Pizza Planet rocket, hot fresh pizza in the passenger seat, and room for a plus-one in the back seat for easy recreation of the iconic scene. 

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