Monster’s at Work Packaging

Branding •  Art Direction • Multi-SKU Packaging • Multi-Language Packaging • Product Render

It’s laughter we’re after!

As the first Monsters At Work continues after the first Monster’s Inc movie, we wanted to use a familiar palette with brand equity but differentiate enough for a new era of Monsters.

Laugh Floor to the Sales Floor

Following the success of previous uniquely structured storypacks, we re-created the show’s office space into a real life package with all the bells and whistles, or should I say, piping.

Devilish Details
We worked closely with pixar to get the smallest of details right, whether it be the Drooler Coolers in the vending machine, to the mundane tiling inside the office, we got that covered. 

Back Panel Development 
Integral to the show is the behind-the-scenes repairs, maintenance, and (of course) laughs. We provided an extension of the package on back to extend the storytelling and provide instructional re-use of the top blister for play value. 

Employee IDs

Art direction on product for packaging and e-comm highlighted their features and amazing work ethic, espeically our friend Duncan here. Working hand-in-hand with e-comm, we continued the branding and messagiing seamlessly onto retailer websites.


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