Art of Engineering

Mattel Creations
Concepting • Branding 

Design Engineering

The Art of Engineering line for Mattel Creations is one of the first launches on their DTC site. These highlight the complexity, beauty, and art form of engineering by highlighting the interior mechanisms through clear or deconstructed figures.

To mimic a similar message on packaging, we executed a modern take on our typical product sheets and patents, added some interesting numerical facts, and presented the figures on a pedestal. 


We started the exploration with moodboards. How far should we take the branding of this particular segement, and so forth. We grappled with honoring Mattel’s past with the cool engineering feats of the present.

We explored the Mattel rainbow of product, sleek black designs, elevated treatments and possibly a logo. We landed on a combination of elements that give the product the focal point, while simplifying the graphics to supplement and highlight the engineering innovation.  

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