Advanced Vision Care Rebrand

Moodboard Concepting • Research • Brand Development


Developed multiple mood boards for AVC while they were simulatenously rebranding their image, from the interiors of their office to their online presence. This encompassed an overall essensce that could be utlized – from the color palette, photographic treatment, typeface inspiration, and textures.

1. Serious & Intellectual

2. People-Focused

3. Bold & Quirky

Moodboard 1

Humanistic Warmth focuses on the sensitivity to customers as human beings. This reduces the sterile environment commonly associated with the medical field. With swashes of beiges, greens, and dark blues, the pallette as well as serif typeface are more than welcoming. 

Moodboard 2

Focused Minimalism combines simplicity and science, with an approachable color palette. Utilizing earthy, soft colors, the result is less clinical and more approachable. Patterns are created using disected eye diagrams to make textures purposeful, rather than obligatory. 

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